Judith Farr
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  Programs, Lectures, and Presentations  

Podcast on June 7, 2019, on "The Poet and the Poem" with Grace Cavalieri from The Library of Congress, Washington DC.

Lectured on “Emily Dickinson’s Gardens,” at the Kentlands Garden Club, Washington D.C., October 6, 2016.

Gave focal lecture entitled "Emily Dickinson and the Tropical Eden" for the Annual Meeting of the Emily Dickinson International Society at the University of Maryland on August 19, 2013.

Contributed to the script of my novel I Never Came to You in White written by Professor Ana Delgado of the Instituto Camoes, Portugal, and performed at the Devine Studio Theatre of Georgetown on March 19, 1998.

At the invitation of Gordon Getty, served as Literary Consultant and wrote a script based on Emily Dickinson’s letters to accompany a performance of his song cycle, White Election, which was performed at Lincoln Center on April 19, 2012.

In 2009-2010, engaged as Special Consultant to The New York Botanical Garden, which mounted an exhibition entitled “Emily Dickinson: Her Poetry, Her Flowers” that was inspired by my book The Gardens of Emily Dickinson. I worked with a board of twenty advisors and the NYBG’s staff, wrote the introductory essay for the Exhibition’s catalog, and delivered a public lecture, marking the conclusion of the exhibition. 

I have lectured widely to professional and scholarly audiences and to the general public on my novel and my other books and essays.  I have also given readings of my novel and poems on radio and at bookstores, colleges and universities, clubs and societies.


“‘My Wilderness Life.’: Emily Dickinson and Love.” April 16, 2016 at the Holiday Room of The Westchester, 4000 Cathedral Avenue NW, Washington D.C.

“Emily Dickinson and the Question of Eternal Life.”  Saint Alban’s Parish, Washington D.C., October 19, 2014.

“Emily Dickinson and American Painting” at the Museum of Women in the  Arts, Washington D.C., March 1992

“Emily Dickinson, Thomas Cole, Frederic Edwin Church and the Tropics,” at  The Museum of American Art (for the Staff), Spring 1993

 “On Emily Dickinson” Barnard College, Spring 1993

 “On Emily Dickinson and American Painting,” Modern Language  Association,  Washington D.C., Spring 1992

 “Emily Dickinson and American Art,” The Cosmos Club, Washington D.C.
 Spring 1993

“Emily Dickinson and Nineteenth Century Poetry,” English-Speaking Union,  Washington D.C. and English-Speaking Union, New Haven, CT, March  1995

“The Gardens of Emily Dickinson,” at The Emily Dickinson Museum, Spring  2005 

“I Never Came to You in White: A Novel,” at the Mount Holyoke Alumnae  Association of Washington D.C, Spring, 1996

“Prosper Merimee, John Singer Sargent, and the American Venus,” [as part  of the celebration of the installation of Sargent’s painting El Jaleo at the  National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.] March 1992

 “The Gardens of Emily Dickinson,” a public lecture at The Mount, Lenox  Mass, July 2007

 “The ‘Supposed Person’: Emily Dickinson in Fiction,” as keynote speaker at  the Annual Meeting of the Emily Dickinson International Society (EDIS)  in St. Paul, Minnesota, August 1995  


Read selections from my poetry on the program, “The Poet and the Poem,” and recorded selections of my poetry for the Library of Congress’s program series “The Poets of the United States.” (Fall 2007)

Interviewed by Jim Fleming about The Gardens of Emily Dickinson on “To the Best of Our Knowledge”, Wisconsin Public Radio, April 2005