Judith Farr
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Judith Farr is a literary critic, novelist, poet, and teacher, whose inner life has been captivated since childhood by the works of American—and English—writers and painters of genius from Emily Dickinson and Thomas Cole to Elinor Wylie and D.H. Lawrence.

Dr. Farr writes:

I began my professional life as a teenager in New York City, writing and publishing both fiction and poetry. The poets Marianne Moore and Leonie Adams (with whom I studied) nurtured both my inspiration and my work. Later, at Yale University, critics and scholars such as Cleanth Brooks and Louis Martz were my models in attempting to shape a critical sensibility.  My work in all forms reflects my belief and delight in the contributions literature and painting make to each other. I am especially attracted to the poetry of Emily Dickinson and the art of the Hudson River and Luminist painters.

I have composed this website in response to inquiries about my activities and will add to it as need arises; for example, to report that two of my books are now eBooks: the novel, I Never Came to You in White (1996) and a critical study, The Gardens of Emily Dickinson (2004).

I have recently published a book of my own poems, What Lies Beyond, and am working on a memoir about teaching American literature and painting as the only woman professor in three historically male colleges.

See Dr. Farr's curriculum vitae as a printable PDF.